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Our Grade 2 mission is to come to school every day, to learn to be the best we can be and to prepare for the future.

We are all responsible for powering our classroom Learning Machine.

We are doing this by:

•             Having a go and always trying our best.

•             Getting along and respecting one another.

•             Making responsible choices.

•             Creating and following classroom processes.

•             Learning by doing.

•             Believing we can learn something new and improve ourselves every single day.

•             Knowing that to have a friend, you need to be a friend.

Our Literacy and Numeracy skills have been developed through four great Integrated Studies topics, directed by students’ inquiries.

1. Learning about Australia through unpacking ‘Advance Australia Fair’.

2. Discovering what it’s like to be a ‘Mini Scientist’.

3. Understanding how ‘Changes over Time’ have influenced our lives.

4. Knowing ‘Where we live affects how we live’ in different Aussie Environments.

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