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Comprehensive reading, writing, speaking and listening program will be taught on a daily basis. These skills are reinforced through all areas of the curriculum. Programs are supported by a specialised reading consultant.


The numeracy curriculum involves learning about number, chance space and shapes, measurement and data interpretation. Students are encouraged to develop their mathematical skill base whilst also applying their understanding in real life problem solving activities.

Extension and intervention programs are also provided for both these areas.

Graduation and end of year Celebration

As part of grade 6 Graduation, there are numerous activities to celebrate their final year of primary school. These include a graduation ceremony, a trip to Funfields and final school concert. The 2010 Graduation ceremony will be held in our new school gym.


PE Key Dates


Term 4:

Kanga 8s Clinic – Friday 15th Oct, 2010

Kanga 8’s Gala Day – Monday 15th Nov, 2010


Term 1:

Summer Interschool Sport

RHPS Cross Country
Term 2:

Winter Interschool Sport

District Cross Country @ Brimbank Park

Term 3:

District Athletics @ Meadow Glen Aths Track

Term 4 PE Overview

Prep, Grade 1 and 2


Fitness Training

Minor Games

Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6


Major Games

4/5 – Aussie Sports Program

5/6 Schools Gymnastics Program

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