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Grade Prep Overview

Term Two 2015


Please note some important dates for this term:

Zoo excursion – 28th of April

Kids Matter Launch – 29th of April.

Farm incursion – 15th of June

Education Week – 18th to the 22nd of May

Book Fair – 19th to the 26th of May.

Queen’s Birthday – 8th of June.



Reading and writing will be taught on a daily basis. Throughout the term your child will be reading, writing, reflecting on and responding to a variety of text types. In term two the key focus during reading sessions will build upon the understandings developed in term one.

This includes:

  • Alphabet recognition: knowing all letter names and their place in the alphabet.
  • High frequency words: words frequently used in reading and writing (see the ‘Word Wall’ in your child’s classroom for more information).
  • Hearing sounds in words: hearing and correctly pronouncing words.
  • Rhyming Words: for example, cat – hat – mat.
  • Check for Understanding: being able to stop during a story and check that they have understood what they have read, including being able to recall the characters and what happened.
  • Making Predictions: making guesses before reading regarding what a story might be about.

Our author study focus for Term 2 is Eric Carle. They will be reading and responding to a variety of his books.

The key focus during writing sessions has continued to be around composing a sentence or groups of sentences based on classroom experiences. Students have been encouraged to:

  • Plan what they are going to write by saying their sentence aloud many times.
  • Use correct letter formation.
  • Hear and record sounds from the THRASS chart.
  • Write from left to right forming individual letters.

This learning will be underpinned by a strong oral language focus. This term the focus will include activities aimed to increase vocabulary development in relation to concepts including ‘before’ and ‘after’, ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.

You can continue to support this learning at home by daily reading to and with your child. Ensure you take the time to discuss all reading. Ask your child to retell stories read or even television programs watched. Encourage curiosity about vocabulary and discuss new and interesting words.

Students will be writing and presenting a report as well as writing a persuasive text.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge runs this term. If you would like your child to sign up please let their classroom teacher know.



The Numeracy curriculum at Roxburgh Homestead involves learning about Number, Shape, Capacity and Location. Students are expected to develop the essential mathematical skills (counting, place value, number facts) and apply these to real life situations.

During term two Prep students are:

  • Counting collections of objects to 20 and beyond.
  • Using ordinal number: First, second, third etc.
  • Associating number names with numerals.
  • Writing numbers to 20 and beyond.
  • Ordering numbers up to 20 and beyond.
  • Using location language (next to, in front of, etc).
  • Comparing objects that hold more and less.
  • Collecting and displaying data.

This learning can be supported at home through the discovery of numbers in your everyday environment. Encourage your child to find numbers in books, magazines, on number plates or on television. Practise writing numbers using correct formation or play matching games with numbers and groups of objects.


Integrated Studies:

The term two Integrated Studies unit is How do animals share my world? This unit is aimed at extending children’s understanding and vocabulary related to animals around the world with a focus on pets, zoo animals and farm animals. As part of this unit, students will have the opportunity to attend an excursion to the zoo and a visit by a mobile farm.


Specialist Session:


Students will learn and use Italian for social interactions such as greetings, asking and answering simple questions, responding to instructions, singing songs, and taking turns in games and simple shared tasks. The focus will be on listening to the sounds, shapes and patterns of Italian through activities such as rhymes, songs, clapping and action games. Repetition and recycling help children to identify frequently used words and simple phrases, and to recognise the purpose and intention of simple texts. Through creative play and action-related talk, children begin to notice that language can behave differently in different situations and that Italian speakers communicate in some ways that are different from their own. Students are encouraged to notice that they are part of a connected world which includes many languages and cultures, and they begin to become aware of themselves as communicators in particular cultural contexts and communities.

Components that will be learnt: Days of the week, Colours, Body Parts, Months of the year, Numbers to 20 and Basic Greetings.

Visual Arts:

This term the preps will be doing more activities to refine their fine motor skills, however we will be focussing on paper craft and construction. Students will be practicing their cutting and gluing skills, whilst also referring to their shape recognition.

Physical Education:

  • Movement: Agility running drills & games
  • FMS: Under arm throw, drills & games
  • FMS: Bouncing, drills & games

Oral Language :

Preps will be learning about describing words with a focus on zoo animals and feelings. We will continue to practice listening and speaking.



The aim of homework at Roxburgh Homestead Primary School is to:

  • Encourage parents to participate in their child’s education.
  • Teach children to become responsible for their own learning.
  • Consolidate skills that are being developed within each classroom program.
  • Provide children with the skills to develop effective study habits and time management skills.

Students in Prep are expected to read their home reader each night for approximately 15 minutes, ensuring time to read the book and also have a discussion. It is important that students engage in reading behaviours daily – either in reading or being read to. Students may also be given additional activities to improve, support or extend specific aspects of their learning at home.

Please assist your child in choosing or making an appropriate item to bring to school for show and share. Please practise what your child is going to say.

This term your child will bring home weekly spelling lists. When your child can read and write them correctly they will be tested at school and bring a new list home.


Partnerships in learning:

We understand the importance of learning beyond the classroom and the strong role parents and family have in supporting the concepts taught at school. We encourage you and your family to explore our school website at your leisure for additional ideas and information.

Parent forums provide another opportunity to be involved in your child’s learning. Parent forums are offered at various times throughout the year and cover a range of topics including literacy and numeracy. Keep a look out in the school newsletter for upcoming forums.

Student progress is continual and carefully monitored by the classroom teacher, support staff and school leadership. At Roxburgh Homestead we specifically celebrate this progress through Student Led Conferences and student reports. Prep students will receive a written report towards the end of term two. In the meantime, if there are any issues regarding your child’s learning, please feel free to contact the teacher.



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