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Grade 2

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Grade Two Overview

Term Two 2015


Please note some important dates for this term:

  • Wednesday 15th April – Swimming Program begins (every Wednesday for 8 weeks)
  • Wednesday 29th April – Kids Matter Face Making Afternoon 3:30pm-5:30pm
  • Thursday 14th May – Wild Action Incursion
  • Friday 15th May – P-3 Assembly 2:30pm in the Gymnasium
  • Queen’s Birthday – Monday 8th June
  • Last day of term – Friday June 26th (2:30pm finish)



Reading this term will focus on:

  • Continuing to build on sustained individual purposeful reading through reading to self and reading to a partner (reading for increasing lengths of time)
  • Continuing to get knowledge ready before reading.
  • Reinforcement of decoding strategies including rereading a sentence when a sentences does not make sense or when a mistake is made and trying various sounds in words.
  • Continuing to building knowledge of vocabulary through the context of books.
  • Building comprehension strategies including identifying the topic and main idea of a text and being able to retell a fiction and non-fiction text.
  • Paraphrasing in their own words what students have read.
  • Investigating the features of narratives, particularly Mr Men books, and features of a non-fiction text.
  • Comparing texts and discussing similarities and differences.
  • Review of phonemes (sounds) to assist reading and spelling through use of the THRASS chart.

Writing this term will focus on:  

  • Investigating and using adjectives, synonyms, antonyms, verbs and adverbs in student’s writing.
  • Students participating in the five stages of writing (planning, composing, editing, conferencing and publishing) to construct their own narrative based on the Mr. Men series.
  • Understanding the structures and features of information reports and using this knowledge to write a report on an Australian animal.
  • Developing planning skills to organise their writing.
  • The Five stages of the writing process
  • Continuing to improve the correct use of capital letters and full stops.
  • Continuing to use the ‘Words Their Way’ program to improve individual spelling strategies.
  • Using more complex sentence structures.
  • The correct use of punctuation including talking marks and exclamation marks.

Speaking and Listening will focus on:

  • The development of oral language through modelling and practising correct sentence structure within sharing situations.
  • Encouragement of rich discussion about books and language experience activities.
  • Articulation of correct sounds in words.
  • The building of vocabulary through explicit word study.
  • The development of active listening skills.
  • Oral presentations of personal Mr Men stories and information reports.



  • Daily number fluency activities which are embedded into numeracy sessions. The focus will be on counting patterns, place value and addition strategies.
  • Exploring basic addition strategies including tens facts and fact families.
  • Describing features of 3D objects including pyramids, cones and cylinders.
  • Counting and ordering notes and coins.
  • Collecting, displaying and interpreting data using lists, tables and pictographs.
  • Comparing the mass of objects using balance scales.


Integrated Studies:

Your child’s literacy and numeracy development will be supported through broad term topics. The term two topic for Grade Two is ‘Australian Animals and their Environments’. As part of this topic, students will investigate Australian animals, their habitats and the various environments throughout Australia.


Specialist Sessions:

Oral Language:

Grade Two will be learning how the same words can form a sentence in many different ways. We will be focusing on using stronger verbs and adverbs more frequently.

Visual Arts:

The grade twos will be looking at the topic of painting this term, concentrating heavily on the use of colour theory in their art work. They will be using paint and brush to understand different colour groups and how they work effectively together.

Physical Education:

In term 2 the Grade 2’s will be working on –

  • Movement: Agility running drills & games
  • Fine Motor Skills: Under arm throw, drills & games
  • Fine Motor Skills: Bouncing, drills & games
  • Grade 2 swimming (for those participating in the swimming program)


Department of Education homework expectations state that homework for Prep to Grade 4 should not exceed 30 minutes total. We encourage parents, students and teachers to share in the responsibility for each child’s learning. This helps to reinforce classroom learning and foster good study habits.

In Term 2, students should be reading books regularly including take home reader books, library books and books from home. Students will also receive a homework grid approximately every fortnight. These activities are aimed to consolidate skills and classroom learning. By supporting your child in completing their homework tasks you are enabling your child to develop effective study habits and time management skills. Students may also be given additional activities to improve, support or extend specific aspects of their learning.


Partnerships in learning:

We understand the importance of learning beyond the classroom and the strong role parents and family have in supporting the concepts taught at school. Student progress is continual and carefully monitored by the classroom teacher, support staff and school leadership. As well as use of the Mathletics, Spellodrome and Study Ladder programs to support your child’s learning at home, other ways to support your child:

  • Practise skip counting by 2, 5 and 10 from zero.
  • Ask questions about stories and books read at home and ensure your child is reading daily at home.
  • Support your child to complete all homework tasks neatly.
  • Promote independence by supporting your child to organise the items they need for school the next day (readers, library bags, swimming bags), on their own.


Student progress is continual and carefully monitored by the classroom teacher, support staff and school leadership. At Roxburgh Homestead, we specifically celebrate this progress through Student Led Conferences and student reports. Grade Two students will receive a report in the last week of Term 2. In the meantime, if there are any issues regarding your child’s learning, please feel free to contact the classroom teacher.

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