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Grade 4

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Grade Four Overview

Term Two 2015


Please note some important dates for this term:

  • Kid’s Matter Launch 29th April
  • Education Week 18 – 22 May
  • Book Week 18 – 22 May
  • Queen’s Birthday 8th June
  • End of term 26th June (2.30pm finish)


Early notice: Camp will be happening early Term 4 – more details to follow.



Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are taught on a daily basis and will be related to the Integrated Studies topic.

In Reading, the focus will be on:

  • understanding the purpose and intended audience of a text.
  • identifying the features of online texts including images, video and audio.
  • building a range of comprehension strategies.
  • developing a better understanding of questions, locating answers in texts and justifying the answers.

This term’s author will be Sarah L Thomson.

In Writing, the focus will be on creating Narratives and Poetry. Skills taught will include the structure, features and language of these text types.

Classes will be using the Words Their Way Program weekly to explicitly teach spelling strategies.

Speaking and Listening:

Across all topics, the focus will be describing and demonstrating active listening skills and using topic appropriate language.



In Mathematics we will be continuing with number fluency skills on a daily basis including counting, addition and subtraction and number patterns. The mathematical concepts we are studying are, place value, location, data, money and area and volume. Students will be encouraged to use a range of strategies to solve problems related to these topics. There will be a focus on fluency, understanding, reasoning and problem solving as a theme throughout each unit.

 Integrated Studies:

Students will be exploring the topic ‘Natural Earth’ which will cover erosion, fossils and land changes over time, including human impact and natural forces.

Information Technology and Digital Devices will support learning across all curriculum areas. Students will be expected to complete tasks online at home and at school. All students will be supported to develop acceptable and safe online behaviours.


Specialist Session:

Visual Arts: Grade four students will be expanding their knowledge within the topic of painting with a heavy focus on colour theory and colour mixing.

Physical Education:

  • Fitness: cardiovascular & own body strength exercises
  • Major Game: Basketball, drills & games
  • X-Country –District

LOTE: Numbers 1-20

Students will learn the numbers from 1-20 as well as how to ask and give their age in Italian. Students will learn the Italian names for some common colours

Oral Language: Garde four will learn how to turn their personal experiences into interesting stories. Sentence structure will continue to be a focus by exploring how the same information can be ordered in a sentence in different ways and how to turn a statement into a question by changing the order of the words.


Homework/Partnerships in learning:

Students are expected to read for 20 minutes every night. Parents are asked to sign the Reading Log each night.

Students are required to complete an activity from the homework grid each week and return it to school every Friday.

Students may also be given additional tasks to support class work.




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