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Grade 6

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Grade Six Overview

Term Two 2015


Please note some important dates for this term:

29th April – Kids Matter Launch

27th-29th May – CAMP



Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening will be taught on a daily basis. Writing will focus on narratives and report texts with a continued focus of the grammatical features and structure of both. In Reading, Year 6 students will continue to develop student stamina and fluency, especially when reading in front of an audience. Reading will also focus on developing student understanding of texts through teaching a range of comprehension strategies. Students will be exposed to a variety of writing styles throughout the term with a focus on the work of John Marsden. Students will also have opportunities to present their work publicly in the form of oral and video presentations to enhance speaking and listening skills.



Number lessons will focus on fractions and multiplicative thinking strategies. Shape will focus on prisms and pyramids. Students will learn about angles and will be interpreting and comparing data displays.


Integrated Studies:

In integrated studies, students will learn about the development of Australia as a nation, particularly after 1900. Students explore the 1950s until now.  They will focus on how Australian culture and society has changed over time. Students will complete a project on an aspect of Australian history and explore how it has developed.



Visual Arts:

Grade six students will be focussing on construction this term. Students will be using wire in order to construct a Three Dimensional mask.

Physical Education:

  • Fitness: cardiovascular & own body strength exercises
  • Major Game: Basketball, drills & games
  • X-Country –District
  • Grade 6 Interschool sport


Hair and eyes:  Students will learn how to describe their hair and eyes

Descriptions: Students will learn a number of Italian adjectives in order to be able to describe themselves



We encourage parents, students and teachers to share in the responsibility for each child’s learning. This helps to reinforce classroom learning and foster good study habits. Students are expected to complete 45 minutes each night. Homework will be divided into 4 sections. Reading, Mathematics, Spelling and Teacher selected tasks. Students will be presented with a monthly homework agenda consisting of daily tasks that will be signed off weekly by their teacher. Students will also be expected to work on Integrated Studies projects at home.


Partnerships in learning:

Student progress is continual and carefully monitored by the classroom teacher, support staff and school leadership. At Roxburgh Homestead we specifically celebrate this progress through Student Led Conferences and student reports. Student reports for Semester One will be sent home to parents during Week 10. Students will also be required to access Mathletics, Spellodrome and Study Ladder at home to consolidate skills taught in the classroom. However, if there are any issues regarding your child’s learning, please feel free to contact the teacher.




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