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Welcome to the 2019 school year at Roxburgh Homestead Primary School.


Welcome back to the families who have already become a part of our school community and welcome to those families joining us this year. We look forward to sharing the year with everyone and working toward providing a rigorous education and an inclusive environment for all our students.


2019 will see many exciting and innovative opportunities offered within and across our school. We are proud of the teaching and learning taking place at RHPS. We communicate high expectations, where students are supported, engaged and guided in building confidence and skills as well as being challenged and extended.  We have explicit teaching of Math and English every day using a school wide teaching model which also underpins the teaching of all the subjects of our curriculum.


We have committed a great deal of funds to provide and support our 21st Century Design teaching and learning initiative.We will be ensuring students at RHPS embody and encompass key 21st century learning areas such as collaboration, creativity, innovation and social responsibility.  Our goal is to give our students the tools they need to become ethical citizens and engaged thinkers, with an unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit. They will be lifelong 21st century learners. Our students will be involved in collaborative learning opportunities to solve the problems put to them. These problems will have the students considering solutions from an ethical perspective.


Our approach to student wellbeing is evidenced based and promotes resilience amongst our students. They are able to maximise their learning opportunities when they have a strong sense of connectedness and self-worth and their social, emotional and physical wellbeing is healthy and resilient.


We are proud of what we provide and promote at RHPS and we look forward to the 2019 school year and being connected with our community.

Julie Lowerson


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