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Our aim is to provide the highest quality care at an economical price for families attending our school.  Our Programs are designed with the requirements and needs of working families taken into consideration, ensuring that they can continue in their current lifestyle without being concerned about the safety and welfare of their children.


Our goal is to provide a comfortable, affordable and relaxed program in a home like atmosphere, focusing on the individual requirements of our children and families.


As of January 2012, this Program has been guided by the new Frameworks set out in the My Time, Our Place, Framework for School Age Care in Australia publication by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.


The Framework aims to extend and enrich children’s wellbeing and development in school age care settings.  It acknowledges that children need a place to engage in a range of play and leisure experiences that allow them to feel happy, safe and relaxed.  It also recognises that they need time to interact with friends, practice social skills, solve problems, try new activities and learn life skills.


Our Program is held in the Multi-purpose room and on days that our numbers exceed our space limits we utilise the school library as well.




With children,


  • We will provide a program that focuses on child initiated play.  We will provide children with activities and experiences that enhance middle childhood while focusing on their individual interests, needs and participation levels.  We will promote a relaxed home-like atmosphere.
  • We will encourage and promote outdoor play.
  • We will ensure that they are aware of the right to feel comfortable, secure and valued within their environment.
  • We will listen and respect their input and treat their personal contributions and opinions as important to themselves and others.
  • We will respect their individual personalities, beliefs and qualities.


With families,


  • We will keep families up to date with relevant information and updates via numerous channels.
  • We will respect each family’s social, emotional and cultural background without bias, prejudice or question.
  • We will allocate time to speak directly with parents regarding aspects of the program or their children’s well-being.
  • We will respect and maintain confidentiality at all times acting on personal requests where appropriate or necessary.
  • We will act on input and contributions from families in a respectful manner.


With staff,


  • We will value and acknowledge the individual opinions and beliefs of each other.
  • We will promote effective communication based on trust and mutual respect.
  • We will support each other by demonstrating encouragement, reassurance and acceptance.


With the Community,


  • We will provide and respect an inclusive environment without displaying bias or stereotype.
  • We will ensure all members of the school community are treated equally regardless of race, culture, ability, family structure, class, religion, gender, age, language or appearance.
  • We will encourage a sense of belonging and an understanding of the rights and responsibilities for all families in our school community.








Before School Care                              6.30am – 8.45am

After School Care                                3.15pm – 6.15pm

Curriculum Day                                    6.30am – 6.15pm

Vacation Care                                       6.30am – 6.15pm




Phone                                                    0417594511


Co-ordinator                                         Margaret English

Ass. Co-Ord.                                          Danielle Newman

Vac. Care Co-Ord.                                Danielle Newman




To cancel booked sessions or to book your child in for any additional session, please text the request to the above number.  The phone is not manned out of program hours.  Staff will acknowledge your text as soon as possible.


The school’s office staff are not responsible for taking or cancelling bookings; parents must contact the program directly via text.




Our Program closes at 6.15pm.  Any child being signed out after this will incur a $1.00 per minute per child late fee.


This procedure will be strictly adhered to.






The Vacation Care runs for seven weeks throughout the year; two week periods between each term break and a skeleton program for one week during the January break.


Programs will be available from the program, school office or the web site approximately 4-5 weeks prior to the Holiday Period.  Bookings must be finalised by the end of the booking period advertised.


All Vacation Care fees must be paid in full before the end of the holiday period.




Any child attending our school is entitled to enrol in any of our Programs.  Enrolments can be obtained from our program in the school’s multi-purpose room or from the General Office.  A new enrolment form must be completed each year for Before and After Care and each term for Vacation Care.




Permanent Bookings:  A permanent booking is one that will be ongoing until otherwise notified by a parent or guardian; families are charged for these bookings unless program staff have been advised of any changes before 9.00am on the day of the intended non-attendance.


Casual Bookings:  Many families choose to book on a casual basis. A casual booking will incur a surcharge of $2.00 if made after 9.00am on the day of attendance.  Casual bookings can be noted on the Communications Book; via text message or emailed.




Please note – prices are reviewed regularly by school council and are subject to change.


Before School Care                                                                                              $10.50 per child less Centrelink entitlements

After School Care – Permanent booking                                                         $13.50 per child less Centrelink entitlements

Casual booking made after 9.00am                            $15.00 per child less Centrelink entitlements

Vacation Care                                                                                                      $42.00 per child less Centrelink entitlements

Curriculum Day                                                                                                   $42.00 per child less Centrelink entitlements





To be eligible for CCB (Childcare Benefit), you mustsupply us with the correct date of birth and CRN (Customer Reference Number) of all children that are to receive entitlements and the claiming parent’s CRN and date of birth.  Failure to do so will result in the family not receiving their correct entitlements. All CRN’s are unique.


If you have not used Childcare in the past, you will need to contact Centrelink on 13 61 50 and register with them to receive your entitlements.


Parents had the option of having their CCR (Childcare Rebate) paid directly to the program.  This option can only be activated by contacting Centrelink directly.


Jet Payments –


Parents must supply the program with relevant paperwork supplied to them from Centrelink before the program can apply JET.


Please note – The program does not control your Centrelink entitlements; entitlements are controlled electronically through the Department of Human Services. If you have a concern regarding your entitlements, you must contact Centrelink personally to resolve.




  • Accounts are issued fortnightly or on request.
  • Payments may be made at any time during program hours.
  • Fees may be paid by cash, cheque (made out to Roxburgh Homestead Primary School) or Eftpos. BPay or Direct Debit is not an option.


Place fees in an envelope with your name and amount clearly marked and hand to a staff member to be processed immediately.  We do not carry change; any overpayment will be credited against your next account.


Receipts are available upon request.


All fees must be paid in full before the end of each term or future sessions may be suspended.




It is a condition of enrolment at this Program and part of our Policy and Procedure Document that all children be signed in and out at each session.  Children are not permitted to enter or leave our program unescorted at any time.


Children will not be permitted to leave the program with anyone other than those listed on their enrolment.




It is extremely important for parents to notify us of their child’s absence in the afternoon.  Failure to do so results in staff being taken away from the program to locate your child.


It is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher, or the office staff to inform us of your child’s absence.




Parents will be required to fill in the Medication Book upon arrival when requesting us to administer medication.  If the medication is required to be taken over the General Office to be dispensed throughout the day, a blue “Permission to Medicate” form must also be filled out.  All medication must be in its original packaging and be clearly marked with the name of the medication, dosage and the person receiving the medication.  No exceptions will be made. Non-prescription medication will only be administered for a 48 hour period.







Program staff have been trained to recognize the symptoms of an allergic or anaphylaxis reaction and have up to date training in the use of auto injection devices eg. Epipen, Anapen.


Children diagnosed with an Allergic or Anaphylaxis reaction must supply the Program with an up to date Medical Management plan.


Any major food allergies must be noted on the enrolment form.  Medication supplied to the school, will be collected from the office each afternoon and returned the following morning.




The staff at the program work in conjunction with Senior School Staff to create a calm and controlled atmosphere.  It is expected that all children participating in our program will conduct themselves according to our Behaviour Management Policy, which is in keeping with the School’s Code of Conduct.


A copy of our Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure is readily available on request.


Inappropriate behaviour while in our care will not be tolerated; offending children will be sent home.




Parents please note that we will not take responsibility for special or personal items brought in from home.  We strongly suggest these items are left at home; doing so will reduce stress on staff and children if special items go missing or are broken.


All items of clothing should be clearly marked otherwise we will not know who they belong to if left behind at the end of the day.


Staff are not responsible for finding lost clothing; we will try to return named articles, but otherwise, parents and children are free to look in the lost property box located in the multi-purpose foyer at any time.




We suggest that parents of Prep Children keep a change of clothes in their children’s bags in case of any accidents.  We do not have access to emergency spare clothing; supplying a set will avoid being called to bring in a change of clothes or collecting your child.




Parents are able to park at the rear of the school and access the program via Homestead Run.  Parking is readily available.  Please close the gate securely behind you when entering or exiting.




All food preparation undertaken at this program is done so under the supervision of the Programs Food Safety Supervisor using guidelines from the publications, Eat Smart – Play Smart and Get Up & Grow. These publications are available for parents to examine at any time.


A summary of afternoon snacks is as follows –

  • Fruit and biscuit platters
  • Two minute noodles
  • Jelly and custard
  • Dip platters with mixed vegetable and crackers


Breakfast is offered every morning until 8.00am and consists of –

  • Toast with spreads
  • Breakfast Cereals


If your child is on a special diet please advise the program staff and we will do our best to accommodate their needs, otherwise food can be brought in from home and stored here.


We support children grazing on fruit and vegetables throughout the day.  Food and drinks brought into the program from home should be healthy and nutritious.  For health and safety reasons, children should ask permission from staff before eating anything from their bags.  (This food may have been sitting in a hot bag since lunchtime).


Children are expected and encouraged to wash their hands before each meal offered at the Program.




The staff at our program meet regularly to plan a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities and experiences for the children.  These activities and experiences are planned in conjunction with the new Frameworks introduced this year; the areas of the new Frameworks encourage children to –


  • Develop relationships with others
  • Express their personality and uniqueness
  • Develop curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Make connections between prior experiences and life-long learning
  • Develop a sense of wellbeing


We strongly support child initiated play at our program and encourage children to try new experiences whenever possible.  Children are not forced to participate in any activity or experience that they are not enthusiastic about.


Our Program recognises that physical activity is important to children’s health and development; we will make every effort to play outdoors each day; if the weather does not allow us to go outdoors, we will organise physical group games indoors.


We also appreciate that some children need to be able to relax and un-wind after school; we have numerous areas available for these children to retreat to when needed.




Our program follows the same sun-smart policy as the school.  Children are required to wear proper sun-smart hats at all times when outdoors, or they will need to stay undercover in the sheltered areas during terms one and four, or as directed by the School Principal.


During Vacation Care, children must wear appropriate clothing and footwear or they will not be able to attend the program until they have gone home to change.  Thongs or other inappropriate footwear is not permitted at any time.




These are distributed approximately every month.  Newsletters are an extremely reliable means of keeping up to date with information. Parents can choose to have their newsletter emailed if they have supplied us with an up to date email address otherwise they are available from the web site or directly from the program.




All records and conversations with staff will be treated in accordance with the programs Confidentiality Policy.  Family’s personal information is kept secure and will not be passed onto any unauthorized person.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Margaret of Danielle on 0417594511 during program hours, or speak directly to staff on any occasion.



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