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Grade 5

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Grade Five Overview

Term Two 2015


Welcome back to Term Two, this is a very busy term at Roxburgh Homestead Primary School. We trust that you all enjoyed your holidays and have come back to school well rested and ready to learn. Some of the important events this term are NAPLAN, Education Week, Book Fair and reports will be distributed at the end of the term.


Please note some important dates for this term:

  • Kid Matter Launch- family Fun Afternoon 29th April
  • Naplan Tests: Week 5 May 12th – 15th 2014
  • Sovereign Hill Excursion Week 6 19th of May
  • Education Week/Book Fair – 18th -22
  • Queen’s Birthday public holiday week 9 – 8th of June
  • Last day of term 2 week 11 Friday 26th Early dismissal



Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening will be taught on a daily basis. Persuasive Texts and Narratives will continue to be our focus early in the term. Students will be refining their skills in these areas. Future areas of study will include reports, explanations and biographies. Our reading program will focus on comprehension and analysis of a variety of text types. Students will participate in reading groups and individual reading conferences on a regular basis. Extending students’ vocabulary and comprehension skills will also be a significant component of our reading program. In spelling, students will continue to learn strategies and rules to spell unfamiliar words. Speaking and listening will be an ongoing component of our program and children will be required to present information to the class in the form of short oral presentations.



This term we will cover Multiplication, Fractions and Data.

During our study of Multiplication students will be using a variety of strategies. These will include; problem solving using algorithms, lattice and split methods.

The fractions unit will focus on ordering and comparing common fractions and represent them on a number line.

Children will be working on a mini statistics project. They will be involved in enhancing skills by collecting data through surveying others about a topic of their choice. They will record their findings using graphs and tables and present this information to the class.


Integrated Studies:

The children will be involved in investigating significant events that have occurred throughout Australia’s history. We will chronologically study events including The First Fleet, European settlement of Australia and the Gold Rush. The 1850’s was particularly important era for Victoria when people from all over the world came together to seek their fortunes. Bushrangers were seen as heroes or villains and the Eureka Stockade became folklore. A major component of this topic will be our excursion to Sovereign Hill. Activities will cater for the growing curiosity of our students.




Specialist Session:

Visual Arts: The grade fives will be working with clay this term. Students will be asked to move their prior knowledge of clay forward as they will be asked to make art pieces that are also practical and usable.

Physical Education:

  • Fitness: cardiovascular & own body strength exercises
  • Major Game: Basketball, drills & games
  • X-Country –District

LOTE: Clothing – Students will learn vocabulary related to clothing and fashion and then participate in an Italian Fashion Parade

Oral Language: Sentence structure will continue to be a focus in grade five. Students will explore how the same information can be ordered in a sentence in different ways and how to turn a statement into a question by changing the order of the words. Students will continually be encouraged to experiment with new vocabulary.



We encourage parents, students and teachers to share in the responsibility for each child’s learning. This helps to reinforce classroom learning and foster good study habits. Students are expected to complete homework every school night. Homework will be related to classroom learning and will take into account the individual child’s ability. There will be written reading responses, spelling and a selection of mathematics learning tasks. All students are expected to read for 25 minutes per night.


Partnerships in learning:

Student progress is continual and carefully monitored by the classroom teacher, support staff and school leadership. At Roxburgh Homestead we specifically celebrate this progress with student reports and individual learning improvement plans, (ILIPs). However, if there are any issues regarding your child’s learning, please feel free to contact their class teacher.


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